My dog is allergic to wheat. Can I feed Marengo dog food although the food contains wheat?

Yes, generally speaking you can do this without any problems and even with a great degree of success. By using high-quality and low-allergen components and foregoing the usage of any synthetic additives, even those dogs with a confirmed allergy, e.g. “wheat allergy” can successfully be fed with Marengo Classic, even though it does contain wheat. For all dogs with a primary wheat allergy, which is however extremely rare, we offer Marengo Premium and Marengo Junior / Marengo Puppy Porridge. With these products we use only low-allergen spelt and oats such as grain.
Please do bear in mind that, also with a positive allergy test to grain, this generally refers to a secondary allergy, and that one can thus nevertheless feed the dogs Marengo Classic without any problems. Especially in cases of a secondary allergy, this feed can significantly contribute to desensitization. (Information on the difference between primary and secondary feed allergy can be found at ).