How can I help to regenerate the intestinal flora of my allergy-suffering dog?

In principle, this can of course be done by offering my dog a high-quality, varied and additive-free feed. In addition to this one should also focus on minimising or eliminating allergies in all other areas concerning the care and keeping of dogs. For additional information, please read the article “Immune System 2” at
Certainly another important point is not to lose patience and to keep ones cool. Pulpy stool, flatulence and other digestive irritations are closely linked to your dog’s allergy and for this reason shall not be suppressed. Rather, the intestines should be given the time they need to regenerate. This certainly is not a simple task for you as the owner, but unfortunately it is essential in order to re-stabilise and strengthen the immune system. In the long run, suppressing these symptoms with medicine, feeding the dog with food to solidify the faeces, as well as excessive actionism in every other direction will only lead to the allergy remaining or, in worst case, aggravating.
Only once the immune system has become regulated once again, will the digestive irritations recede by themselves. Please bear in mind that these symptoms are an important indicator for your dog’s medical condition. Even once the allergic symptoms have vanished, should digestive irritations reappear in future, these should be seen as an important indicator, and the appropriate measures should be taken early on, for the benefit of your dog.