Why is it essential to avoid an over-supply of proteins with dogs suffering from allergies?

Overburdening of the gastrointestinal tract
On the one hand, owing to an over-supply of proteins, an overburdening of the gastro-intestinal tract is the result, which simply does not have the capacity of digesting the proteins anymore. This means that the decomposition of the proteins into amino acids cannot be performed properly. In most cases this results in pulpy stool or mild diarrhoea.

Pulpy stool with growing dogs
Among others, this also more frequently occurs with growing dogs, when the protein requirements naturally decrease between the 6th and 8th month of life and one still continues feeding Junior food, which has a richer protein content.

Pulpy stool under order from the immune system
In addition to this, an overdose of protein has the effect of antigens within the intestines. The result: the immune system does its utmost to get rid of these substances as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, it primarily increases the mucus production and peristalsis frequency. This in turn results in pulpy to diarrhoea-like stool or other indigestions.