Why is it so important only to use a moderate amount of chemical medication for my allergy-suffering dog?

Firstly, it has to be said that this is not about a fundamental rejection of the usage of medication.

However, unfortunately in recent years, not least because of the persistent urging of dog owners themselves, has one noticed an established trend in which one can hardly speak about the moderate usage of medication anymore: high concentrations of antibiotics or cortisone used with minor ailments, generalised de-worming excesses (in part also prescribed by breeding associations) and the unfortunate prophylactic chemical bombs against ticks, fleas and other parasites.

Regardless of the aforementioned, the natural trend also claims its victims. In these cases, dogs which display undesired characteristics (or habits) are given a Bach flower therapy or are prophylactically treated against non-existent, but possible future illnesses with a homeopathic medication bombardment on a daily basis, for periods spanning many months, instead of a consistent re-education or sensible change in diet.

Even though it is true that natural remedies surely do not burden the metabolism to the same extent as the chemical counterparts, it still does refer to a REMEDIAL product which, as the name says, should only be used in the event of an existing ailment. If not, one no longer has to worry why an otherwise healthy immune system is irritated by medication it does not require for supporting its functioning, and thus damaged.

Moderate and rational prescription of medication
Moderate and rational prescription of medication primarily means that, prior to intake, the presence of disease symptoms should be at hand, which the immune system is unable to effectively fight by itself. Only subsequent to a confirmed diagnosis, with disease symptoms that clearly overtax the immune system, should the appropriate use of medication ensue.

By no means should this be a fundamental plea against the sensible usage of medication, but merely has the purpose of warning against improper use.