What is a grass mite allergy?

A special kind of allergy, which is relatively common especially with shorthaired breeds, is the so-called “grass mite allergy”.
When running through meadows and high grass, the dogs frequently suffer minor injuries to their skins, which are not discernible by eye. It frequently occurs that the mites, often occurring in masses on moist grass, settle down in these small wounds. This in turn can lead to extreme itchiness, combined with reddening, scaling and also loss of hair. Generally speaking, only the skin which comes into contact with the grass again and again on a daily basis is affected.
In these cases we recommend thoroughly drying the affected skin areas after every walk, as well as showering the dogs with Marengo washing lotion once or twice a week. Since this lotion is extremely moisturising, the skin is both cleaned and cared for at the same time. Especially in cases of slight affliction, these measures alone already display a high success rate.