How does the Marengo Light-Feed look?

The miracle of being able to eat large amounts of food without gaining weight normally is at the expense of health and well-being. In order to be able to provide overweight dogs with larger amounts of food, the conventional “light” food frequently contains feed components which are hard to digest or cannot be digested at all, and which have been enriched with a high amount of synthetic vitamins and trace elements so as to provisionally counterbalance possible deficiencies. We believe this to be the unhealthiest way of losing weight, as especially dogs suffering from overweight conditions should not be additionally provided with food causing metabolism encumbrances. That is why, with Marengo Classic, we provide a high-quality basic food, but with a moderate fat and protein content, which is ideal for dogs with a tendency to suffer from overweight, or those already suffering from overweight. If there is a need, we additionally recommend the Marengo Light Diet with a combination of Marengo Classic and Marengo Country. This increases the physical activity of your dog. Sportive activity and a balanced diet is the simplest and healthiest way to lose, or maintain, weight.