What does the Marengo Senior Food look like?

Depending on your older dog’s physical activity and feed utilisation, you can select between Marengo Classic and Marengo Premium, just as is the case with all other adult dogs too. Naturally, a combination of Marengo Country plus Marengo Wolfshappen or Marengo Bio beef as well as the complete feed tinned food, Bio Complete Beef, is ideally suited. Especially when the dogs’ appetite declines somewhat with increasing age, the FRESH feed often is a highly welcome alternative. In addition to this, we also recommend the Marengo herb biscuits, which are especially geared to meet the dogs’ special needs.
Please note: owing to their age, the older dogs’ metabolisms are not so good anymore, and they no longer utilize the nutrients as easily and effectively as younger dogs do. For this reason the older dogs require a high-grade dog food to ensure they get all the essential nutrients. The high-quality components contained in Marengo dog food guarantee an optimal nutrient supply, also for older dogs.