What makes the natural food durable?

Marengo dog food is NOT given its shelf-life by antioxidants (such as e.g. BHA, BHT) and preservatives (such as e.g. formic acid, citric acid, copper compounds) or by adding synthetic vitamins (such as e.g. Vitamin C, Vitamin E).
It also does not contain ANY nowadays commonly found mixtures on the basis of citric acid, alpha-tocopherol, thus synthetic Vit E and rosemary extract, which not infrequently is incorrectly declared as “natural antioxidants”.
The secret of the NATURAL shelf-life (oxidation resistance) of Marengo dog food is to be found in the high own content of natural vitamin E, gained from the corn germ oil used by us. The use of this high-quality corn germ oil naturally protects all fats against oxidation (rancidity).