Why does my dog eat stool and soil?

Despite popular contrary opinion, when dogs eat stool and soil this is not an indication of a nutrient deficiency, but rather refers to a disorder in the intestinal microflora.
In times of a change in diet, e.g. from a one-sided composed two-component feed (e.g. lamb/rice or fish/potatoes, etc) to a varied diet such as e.g. Marengo, one might notice a temporary increase in stool and soil eating. This can last for approx. 2-4 weeks.
In these cases, the one-sidedness of the food has resulted in a depletion of the intestinal microflora so that the digestion of varied feed products will cause problems until such time as the microflora has regenerated itself.

We believe that the presence of a broadly-based, varied intestinal flora is essential for a vital and stable immune system. Only with an intact immune system can the organism successfully ward off illnesses such as allergies, potential infections and even cancer.

Should these symptoms occur, we either recommend the Marengo short-term diet or in persistent cases, the Marengo 63 day diet. Both diets ensure a speedy regeneration of the intestinal flora.

Should the increased intake last longer, the total daily feeding plan has to be reviewed. It frequently occurs due to a permanent oversupply of protein, e.g. by feeding protein-containing treats in addition to the main feed, without ensuring an appropriate energy balance. In these cases the intestinal flora also “topples” due to the high amount of protein, so that the dog has the need to find a balance by eating stool or soil. Unfortunately, however, this is not successful.

How you can prevent your dog getting an oversupply of protein and easily find a balance with simple means, can be read at “Avoid Mistakes in Feeding”
In addition to this, every chemical burden, e.g. by means of antibiotics or chemical worm treatments can also result in disorders of the intestinal microflora. This should not be forgotten in the course of aetiology.
Regardless of the cause, both the Marengo short-term diet as well as the Marengo 63 day diet is always suitable for supporting the creation of a healthy intestinal microflora.