Can I feed my “white” dog Marengo dog food?

Yes. As a basic principal, all three sorts of Marengo dog food can also be fed to dogs with a white skin.
Even if both Marengo Junior as well as Marengo Premium do contain a certain share of carrots, there is absolutely no risk of the coat changing colour.

It is well known that an oversupply of beta carotene or vitamin A can lead to a hyper pigmentation of dogs with white coats. With a hyper pigmentation dogs with white coats also get a brown-reddish colouring of the body coat. Since, however, Marengo dog food only contains natural vitamin A and natural beta-carotene in an appropriate amount, there is no risk of an oversupply. Synthetic vitamins are forcibly resorbed in the intestines owing to their high availability. Natural vitamins are generally only utilized by the organism if they are needed. Only in cases of an unnaturally high concentration of natural beta-carotene could this lead to an oversupply. This risk is definitely not given with Marengo dog food.

Rather, the risk of a colour change is present with dog food that has been enriched with too many synthetic vitamins or copper, even if it does not contain any carrots.