Why does my dog not eat so much any more?

After changing to Marengo dog food, it might not need as much anymore. Because of the high digestibility of Marengo dog food and the thus frequently occurring good saturation feeling, in some cases, the amount of food decreases significantly. Frequently, this does not happen immediately after changing to Marengo food. After a certain period of time, which always can vary depending on the individuals, numerous dogs have then found their saturation level.

The backlog of high-quality nutrients is covered. At this point, many dogs are smart enough to start eating less all by themselves.
Some owners worry unnecessarily. A simple reduction of the amount of food reduces this problem. The basic principle is: as long as the dog eats well and has a good general condition, the amount of food can be reduced without any problems. This is not a sign of a poor appetite, but of a quite naturally regulated feeding behaviour. In addition to this, your dog’s good utilisation of feed shows that it has a wonderfully healthy metabolism.