My dog is suffering from constant diarrhoea. Can I feed him Marengo and which sort shall I select?

Yes. Already in many cases Marengo Dog food has already often proven its worth in cases of chronic diarrhoea. This is not only due to the fact that Marengo Dog food neither uses low-quality basic components, nor synthetic additives, which frequently represent problems for sensitive dog stomachs. In principle you can feed dogs suffering from chronic intestinal problems any sort of Marengo dog food that has been adapted to the dog’s age. Tried and proven with dogs suffering from chronic intestinal problems, is the Marengo short-term diet with Marengo Country. Marengo Country consists exclusively of vegetable ingredients. An exclusive diet (also no treats, meat or similar) of Marengo Country, which lasts 3-5 days, leads to the neutralisation of the wrong microflora, so that the intestines subsequently can once again create a healthy flora much more easily.
Only by means of this kind of exclusion diet, can the organism correct the wrong bacteria in the intestines and avoid bad fermentation and pulpy stool. (This is also the case with yeast infection or mycoses.) Thereafter, Marengo food is mixed in, step by step, for approx. one week until one finally only feeds the Marengo rings. In cases of high-grade damage to the intestinal mucosa, the Marengo 63 day diet has been tried and proven as a systematic diet for the regeneration of the intestinal microflora, since the intestines mostly already display the first signs of hyper-sensitivity (allergy).

Should your dog have acute problems with diarrhoea, we recommend veterinary care and additionally the same approach.