Why does my dog suffer from flatulence?

The most common cause for dogs suffering from flatulence is the rather unpleasant habit many dogs have of occasionally eating rabbit excrement, cowpats, horse dung and even human faeces.
Generally speaking, the intestinal flora of the dogs cannot digest these things without further ado, since the dogs lack important enzymes or also the so-called microorganisms needed for this. This leads to bad fermentation in the intestines, which can become rather unpleasant in certain cases.

What is more, certain protein-containing treats such as pig’s ears, chews made of rawhide etc. or other in-between "snacks" can in certain cases trigger intestinal problems with sensitive dogs. This takes on the form of flatulence or even diarrhoea.

Should flatulence occur owing to a change in the kind of feed, this generally is due to an amount of food that is too big or because the intestinal flora has to get accustomed to the new food. This means: the special microorganisms have to settle in the intestines so as to ensure a smooth digestion process. Normally speaking, the dogs suffering from chronically sensitive intestines are afflicted as well as those that have been receiving one-sided feed for a long time (e.g. food that only contains poultry, corn and fat). Problems can also occur with dogs that have frequently been chemically dewormed.
Flatulence that is owing to a change in the kind of feed, generally stops by itself after 2-3 weeks. If this is not the case, we would recommend either the Marengo short-term diet or the Marengo 63-day diet for regenerating the intestinal microflora.