My dog has a feed allergy. Can I feed it Marengo dog food?

Yes. As a basic principle, all sorts of Marengo dog food are suited for dogs suffering from allergies. Because of the high quality of the utilised crude materials as well as the fact that we do not use any synthetic vitamin additives, preservatives or antioxidants, the food is also very compatible for dogs suffering from allergies. Therefore Marengo dog food has been well-known for many years as being very well tolerated by dogs suffering from feed allergies. For many dogs who had verifiably suffered from a feed allergy, after changing to Marengo dog food, these allergy symptoms subsequently subsided.
With spelt and oats, Marengo Premium and Marengo Junior contain grains that have very low allergen levels. This makes them excellently suited also for dogs suffering from a primary wheat allergy. In addition to this, a healthy mixture of herbs provides a plus of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements.