Poor appetite and digestive disorders during the warm season

In the warm time of year it is normal for many dogs to display a poorer appetite. In part, this is due to a possible reduction in the amount of activity and / or in particular because the organism does not need as much energy as in e.g. winter, to ensure that it can stay as cool as possible.

Sometimes, in conjunction with a weak appetite, the result is also varying LIGHT digestive disorders such as flatulence, pulpy stool or vomiting. (With continuous, severe symptoms, this could be due to an infection or other illness, which has to be diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon and, as the case may be, has to be treated.)

Unfortunately, the main cause for this is that the concerned owners try to improve their dog’s appetite by feeding it all kinds of titbits. In doing so, frequently, the protein-containing dry-meat products are given without focussing on the necessary balance with carbohydrate-croquettes or other products that are not so easily digestible and given in atypically high amounts, which quickly trigger digestion disorders.

Our tip: as long as your dog is in a good feeding and general condition, you can reduce the amount of food without worrying about the amount your dog is naturally eating.
Also pay attention to the fact that you avoid feeding mistakes in this situation, e.g. by rewarding and spoiling your dog.
Should you remain concerned about your dog’s feeding and general condition, try to provide your dog with a bit more variety such as e.g. FRESH feed or also try to stimulate the metabolism and appetite by giving it Marengo Wellness biscuits.