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The Holistic Marengo Philosophy


The idea of the Marengo dog food did not come about in the usual way, in the labs and Marketing departments of major animal feed manufacturers, but originated in the work carried out in the field of alternative, holistic veterinary medicine and from an incorrigible idealism.
The idea was to create a new type of dry dog food that - through selected high-quality components, a balanced, diverse recipe and absolutely free from any synthetic substances - offered an optimal natural basis and a real alternative for nutrition healthy, as well as, unhealthy dogs.

What is meant by 'holistic way'?

In a holistic way means, in this context, that next to the high-quality of the selected recipe - the total rejection of all synthetic additives in the feed itself and the critical debates over tables, charts and scientific dogma - there are also other important aspects from the life of a dog which should be taken into consideration.

For that it is vital, apart from the feeding, to also have a close, critical look at the areas of the preservation and care of the dogs as well as medicinal treatments employed. Only when enough attention is paid to these areas and they are harmoniously synchronized with each other, will a well-founded basis for healthy preservation be created and successful, alternative problem solution strategies be developed.

From this holistic viewpoint, Marengo’s feeding concept not only sets new standards in product quality, but also the field of consultation and information in this area is currently quite unique.
The dog owner not only receives clear and detailed information, but also many different opinions which offer a genuine alternative to the conventional points of view. Therefore, we are committed to working with dog specialists on all levels, be they veterinarians, behaviourists or immunologists, to find practical and, in particular, natural alternatives to the traditional dog nutrition and dog health programmes.

In the practice

This holistic point of view is very much a part of our individual customer service. When problems arise, we tend to be very sceptical about patented formulas.
In our opinion, it is only in the rarest of view cases that these fit to the uniqueness of every dog. In our individual consultation, we take into account all possible factors which could cause illnesses within the dog’s environment, as well as specific feed plan formulas combined with a lot of personal effort from our employees.

Fascination Marengo Philosophy

The courage to be different is not only reflected in our quality products and our extensive and competent consultation, but fortunately appears also to be infectious.
This is seen in the ever increasing number of dog owners who are letting the fascinating integrated Marengo concept work for them and their dogs. Moreover, more and more specialized stores, delivery-services, animal physicians, dog schools and other dog specialists, openly show their support for the Marengo concept by being actively involved, as Marengo partners, in the selling of Marengo products.

Under these you will find an unusual great number of individuals, many who are capable of being highly critical, who invest a fantastic amount of time and effort into all the different areas of dog care, which is motivating and inspiring in itself.

It is a great pleasure to be able to work together with these Dog Friends and that the ideals for which we stand for are being realised with great engagement, critical faculty and most important, as a labor of love for the dog.

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