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Marengo: Partner for competence, commitment and conviction

Based on an integrative target-oriented approach, Marengo now provides a special Premium program for selected partners from the retail, home delivery, dog school and veterinary fields.

Quality and an honest product
The innovative feeding concept from Marengo – hypo-allergenic, free of toxins and chemicals, full of a variety of top quality raw materials – has impressed both the specialist trade and those dog owners who choose natural feeds for their dogs.
All successful Marengo partners are able to impress their customers thanks to a high level of specialist competence, commitment and a sense for a top quality product which one can honestly recommend.
Especially in light of the large number of food scandals that haven caused consumers to lose their trust in the industry, this is the only way to win over and retain customers.

A unique position
The general economic situation also demands that the specialist retailer has a range of products which are unique. In the feed field this means a product which differs in critical points from the others. Marengo’s natural feed is exactly this, thus underscoring your specialist competence. Also, due to the company’s principles, this feed is not sold via animal food chains or food discount stores.

Frankness and information
The modern customer demands frankness and information.
The website www.ich-will-futter-de provides a wealth of information for the customer. On more than 220 pages, we provide you and your customers with information about the products and issues connected with feeding and animal health. Thousands of regular visitors to the website have come to appreciate the large amount of information and continuous updating and the level of identification among the customers with the product is high.

Consulting and allergy centre
There is also a consulting and allergy centre available to you and your customers on the website which provides comprehensive information about feeding.
In particular, Marengo has a successful and innovative general feeding concept aimed at combating the growing number of feed-related illnesses such as allergies, mobility problems, breeding and rearing problems etc.

Training courses
So that the Marengo partners can profit from the continuously developing solution concepts, we offer regular training courses and seminars. Partner mail shots regularly contain information about current issues related to feeding and therefore also ensure that you remain a step ahead of the competition.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Marengo partner.

Yours sincerely,
Team Marengo
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