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Owing to its ancestry as a desert animal, cats’ organisms are specialised to survive with only a small amount of water. For this reason cats drink relatively little and satisfy their water requirements primarily via their food. In addition to this, cats require a large proportion of protein and little carbohydrates in their diet. With a moisture content of approx. 78% and high-quality protein sources, as well as a small proportion of carbohydrates, Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) offers the ideal basis for species-appropriate and healthy cat nutrition.
As with all of our products, it also goes without saying that we forego the use of all synthetic additives with our Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune).

Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune)

Holistic, well-considered nutrition with 63% beef, poultry and seafood

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To optimally cover the special nutritional needs of cats, we rely on a holistic recipe and high-quality ingredients.
Marengo’s Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) has been carefully aligned to the specific metabolism characteristics of cats. High-quality protein sources in the form of beef, poultry (chicken) and seafood satisfy the naturally-occurring high protein requirements of cats. At the same time, the cats are provided with essential (vital) amino acids, taurine, methionine and arginine in a natural manner.
A small proportion of processed, and thus very easily digestible, grain and vegetables provides the necessary carbohydrates that are important for unproblematic metabolism activities. High-quality sunflower oil guarantees the supply with essential fatty acids. The recipe is rounded off with the dietetic components of yeast, powdered egg and spirulina. These ingredients supply the organism with vitamins, trace elements and other important micronutrients. This combination of high-quality ingredients provides the optimal source of feed for cats.
Marengo’s Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) is very easily digestible and has also proven itself as feed for cats suffering from kidney problems and allergies.

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Composition:beef, poultry, meat stock, seafood, oatmeal, wheat flour, carrots, carob gum, yeast, powdered egg, spirulina, guar gum, sunflower oil

Content of nutrients: crude protein 10%, crude fat 7%, crude fibre 0.4%, crude ash 1.1%, crude water 77.9%

Available in 200 g and 400 g cans

product picture Marengo Premium

Feeding Tips and Quantities

Weight your Cat Feed Quantity per Day
2 kg approx. 150 g
3 kg approx. 190 g
4 kg approx. 250 g
5 kg approx. 350 g
6 kg approx. 400 g

When performing the changeover to Marengo, please note that Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) does not contain any attractants and flavourings. For this reason a step-by-step changeover to the natural Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) in a timeframe of approx. 2 weeks is recommended.

Due to the natural structure of the meat and the dispensation with additives, Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) has a slightly firmer texture than many other varieties of conventional cat food. If your cat is more accustomed to a sauce-like texture, we recommend adding a little water and stirring it in during the changeover stage. Then reduce the water quantity step by step until you can feed exclusively Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune). This is how you make the changeover easy for your cat.

Marengo Takes into Account the Particularities of Cats’ Metabolism

High Protein Requirement

By nature, cats have a high protein requirement. In contrast to, e.g. dogs, cats are able to convert proteins into energy without any major metabolic stress, whereby only a small need for carbohydrates arises. Marengo Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) consists of 63% high-quality animal protein sources and has an appropriate carbohydrate proportion of 6%, by means of which the ideal feeding basis is offered.

Vit A supply

Cats are not able to synthesize Vit A from provitamin A independently. At the same time, cats react extremely sensitively to an oversupply of Vit A, which can quickly become life-threatening. Marengo’s Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) offers purely natural sources of Vit A, with poultry liver, seafood and powdered egg. Thus an appropriate supply of Vit A is guaranteed and Vit A oversupplies are excluded, as opposed to synthetically enriched food varieties.

Essential supply of: arachidonic acid (fatty acids), niacin / Vit B3 as well as taurine, methionine, arginine

Cats are not able to synthesize various amino acids, Vit B3 as well as the fatty acids arachidonic acid independently and thus these nutrients have to be provided via the diet. With its components, Marengo’s Katzenglück (Cat Fortune) ensures the supply with these “essential” nutrients. (Source for taurine, methionine and arginine: animal sources of protein – no vegetable meat substitute; nicotinic acid sources: poultry liver, seafood, powdered egg; arachidonic acid sources: beef, seafood, powdered egg.)

Detailed information on the topics of metabolic disorders and kidney diseases with cats can be found at

Marengo Quality Characteristics for Katzenglück (Cat Fortune)

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