Marengo Treats

Healthy Rewards without Additives

With the Marengo range of treats, apart from balanced feeding without additives, we also offer the option of rewarding your dog in a healthy manner, without additives. Be it in training, as a small in-between meal or especially for dental care, every treat is a constant pleasure for dogs and their owners.

We only use ingredients in food-grade quality that are gently processed and contain no synthetic additives. As with all Marengo products, we rely on a natural shelf life without antioxidants. In addition, all of our products are "Made in Germany".


Marengo Fun-Kuchen (Fun Biscuits)

Marengo Fun-Kuchen

Optimal Dental Hygiene and Low-Allergy Reward in One

Delicious chewing fun for your dog optimises the dental hygiene of both small and large gourmands. The Marengo Fun-Kuchen (Fun Biscuits) have been developed especially for dental hygiene and as a low-allergy reward. They are low in allergens, calories and protein. Therefore, they are very well-tolerated by dogs with a sensitive gastro-intestinal tract and dogs suffering from allergies.
The special form and size of the Fun-Kuchen biscuits stimulates biting and strong chewing activities. By means of this, the teeth are cleaned mechanically and naturally. What is more, the Marengo Fun-Kuchen (Fun Biscuits) are also purely vegetarian, low-protein croquettes, which means they are very kidney friendly. Because of this, they support a healthy metabolism, which is the best prophylaxis against tartar.

Composition: spelt (49%), oats, rice, peas, carrots, corn oil, linseed, calcium carbonate

Content of ingredients: crude protein 13.8%, crude fat 6.9%, crude fibre 2%, crude ash 3.5%, calcium 0.84%, phosphor 0.35%
No additives contained, also suited for therapeutic protein and fat reduction.

Form: oval to cube-like;
size approx.: length: 3.0 cm, width: 2.5 cm, height: 1.2 cm;
weight approx.: 3 g

Supplementary feed for dogs, available in 0.8 kg and 3 kg units

Natural dental care by Marengo

Which natural dental care options are available?
Without a doubt it is laudable when dog owners take the dental care of their pets so seriously that, when needed, one can even use a dog toothbrush. However, to be honest, only a very small number of dog owners are really willing to deal with the in sometimes truly vehement defensive behaviour on the part of the dogs. For this reason, in practice, not infrequently are these cleaning measures only deployed once they become absolutely essential.

Fortunately there also is the option of other, entirely natural cleaning mechanisms, which are on offer.

1. Feed a high-quality and, in particular, kidney-friendly dog food!
Among others, the kidneys are responsible for intact mucous membranes, which are also present within the dogs’ mouths. Kidneys that are ill or excessively burdened lead to a change in the mucous membrane milieu, since the composition of the saliva changes. Intact mucous membrane in the dogs’ mouths is, however, the best protection against carious teeth, damage caused by periodontitis and tartar. A high-quality, additive-free dog food, such as that offered by Marengo, which has a moderate crude protein and crude ash content, is extremely kidney-friendly and thus offers an optimal feed-basis for healthy mucous membranes and healthy teeth.

2. Feed the dry feed dry!
Ideally, Marengo dog food should be fed dry, since this supports the natural cleaning of the teeth. In the course hereof, the dogs are able to use their teeth in a species-appropriate manner. Strong chewing is a prerequisite for healthy and resistant teeth. The form of Marengo’s dog food strengthens the teeth and supports good denture development, particularly with puppies and young dogs.

3. Use Marengo Fun-Kuchen for your dog’s dental care
The tastiest and most pleasant kind of dental care surely is to be had by enjoying Marengo’s fun biscuits. The biscuit’s size animates the dogs to bite through them and chew them with gusto. In the process the teeth are naturally cleaned. What is more, the Marengo fun biscuits are purely vegetarian and thus also help avoiding a harmful oversupply of proteins, which can damage the kidneys.

Speaking of Tartar
Frequently, the reason for tartar problems with dogs is exclusively linked to too little chewing of bones, solid food, chewing items, etc. Here, however, another important cause is overlooked.
Tartar is not, as is frequently incorrectly assumed, hardened food residues. Rather, it is mineral substances from the saliva that accumulate on the teeth, due to an impaired renal (kidney) function. Therefore, recurrent tartar problems point toward renal dysfunction. Within the metabolism, the kidneys are responsible not only for excretion of the unneeded or poisonous substances from the body, but they also regulate the entire fluid and electrolyte balance. Thus, they have a decisive impact on the composition of all mucous membrane secretions such as, e.g. the saliva in the animal’s mouth. If the kidneys are overburdened or already limited in their function, the mucous membrane milieu changes as does the composition of the saliva in the mouth, which in turn can lead to increased tartar formation.
With calculus (tartar on the teeth), we recommend taking a close look at the feeding plan and removing possible kidney-stressing feeding mistakes. Generally speaking, feeding dogs with the kidney-friendly Marengo dry food, fed dry and not soaked, in combination with the tooth-cleaning Marengo Fun-Kuchen (Fun Biscuits) will lead to the desired success – even with persistent tartar problems and also without the use of additional chewing items and tooth cleaning sticks.


Marengo Training Leckerlis (Training Treats)

Marengo Trainings-Leckerlis

Motivational Incentive on the Basis of Purely Natural Ingredients, with Tasty Cheese, Spelt and Fennel

Marengo’s Training Treats have been developed especially as a motivational incentive during training and when playing. Thanks to the optimised, small form, your dog’s attention span is not disturbed during training. This is because no major chewing effort is required. At the same time, the size of the reward can be determined quickly and easily. Small rectangular pieces are connected to one another and can easily be adjusted to the correct size. Selected, high-quality ingredients – without the addition of attractants and flavourings, sugar or synthetic substances – ensure a particularly good taste. Thanks to the moderate protein content, the Marengo Training Treats are ideally suited as an addition to the normal daily ration.

Quality traits of Marengo Trainings-Leckerlis:

Extended requirements with respect to the Marengo Trainings-Leckerlis:

Composition: whole spelt flour, Emmental cheese, fennel

Content of Ingredients: crude protein 19.7%, crude fat 14.3%, crude fibre 4.4%, crude ash 2.3%
supplement feed for dogs, contains absolutely no additives or synthetic vitamins

Form: rectangular, in part joined together with one another in larger units (easy to separate);
Size approx.: length: 1.7 cm, width: 1.0 cm, height: 0.7 cm;
weight: approx.: 0.4 g

Supplementary feed for dogs, available in 250 g units


Marengo Zwieback mit Ente (Rusk with Duck)

Marengo Zwieback mit Ente

Tasty Dental Care and Low Fat

This is a particularly tasty zwieback with delicious breast of duck and a healthy portion of fennel herbs. Not only is Marengo Zwieback with Duck delicious, it is also very well-tolerated by sensitive dogs and dogs suffering from allergies. In addition to its firm texture and on the basis of low-allergy spelt, high-quality breast of duck meat and healthy fennel, Marengo Zwieback also acts as a natural dental-care product.

Composition: whole spelt flour, duck meat, fennel

Content of Ingredients: crude protein 18.6%, crude fat 3.5%, crude fibre 1.5%, crude ash 3.9%

Form: rounded rusk form;
Size approx.: length: 7.5 cm, width: 5.5 cm, height: 2.3 cm;
weight approx.: 30 g

Supplementary feed for dogs, available in 145 g units = 5 rusk  

Marengo Hirsch-Kekse (Venison Biscuits)

Marengo Hirsch-Kekse

Grain-Free Snack with Venison, Amaranth and Fennel

Delicious venison meat and valuable amaranth, a portion of carrots, fennel and sunflower oil, make Marengo Venison Biscuits an aromatic delicatessen.
They are also an ideal reward for dogs that are to be fed on a grain-free diet or dogs with a sensitive gastro-intestinal tract.

Composition: amaranth, venison (20%), carrots, fennel, sunflower oil

Content of Ingredients: crude protein 18.l%, crude fat 9.5%, crude fibre 2.9%, crude ash 2.5%

Form: square, flat;
Size approx.: length: 4 cm, width: 2 cm, height: 0.7 cm;
weight approx.: 5g

Supplementary feed for dogs, available in 200 g units

Please Note:

When considering the total daily ration, the proportion of treats should not exceed 25%. Treats are dietary supplements that by their very nature are not as well-balanced in their composition as complete feed or a FRESH ration.

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