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Marengo contra animal experiments

Marengo objects to any type of experimenting on animals.
The holistic Marengo feeding concept has no interest in and does not test individual substances and/or individual feed components on animals to try and achieve results, key data and tables of values which have little relevance in practical situations.
We believe that the results of tests gained under perfectly unnatural and undignified circumstances are not only despicable for ethical reasons but also are completely irrelevant and of little bearing on actual practical situations.
We categorically reject this type of experimental science which is so often used to generate the values found in tables produced by other manufacturers.

Empirical science

The holistic Marengo feeding concept is based on empirical science.
The basis for this empirical science is thorough observation of cause-effect mechanisms in real life situations.
The development of dog food recipes according to the principles of empirical science leads to sure and successful results because right from the beginning the only criteria used to assess the development progress are practical parameters such as e.g. compatibility, well-being and guaranteeing a long life.

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