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The Holistic Marengo Feeding Concept

The number of illnesses among dogs has exploded over the past 20 years and today’s dog owners and enthusiasts are forced to look at the causes of these illnesses and are faced with the problem of finding the right way to keep their dog healthy.
Even modern veterinary science is increasing attempting to research the real reasons for these illnesses and the deeper causes; and increasingly the feed is playing a central role.
Being aware of what we feed a dog makes new demands on the quality and the variety of the raw materials, and inferior quality can no longer be covered up by adding synthetic vitamins and other additives.
The holistic Marengo feeding concept has taken a different path to try and combat the now widespread civilisation illnesses such as allergies, skin illnesses, mobility problems, rearing problems, intestinal problems etc.
The following shows the main differences between standard feeding theories and the general Marengo feeding concept.

Key points of the holistic Marengo feeding concept

I. Use of natural and varied raw materials of a future-oriented quality

1. Top quality animal protein carriers with beef, fish and milk

Meat base
The quality of the meat used in Marengo dog food can be verified by the following three guaranteed quality parameters
a) The meat only comes from inspected slaughtered animals that have been tested for traces of medicines, and is also free of ground animals, cadaver or other risk material
b) The meat has a guaranteed raw protein level of at least 80%.
c) The meat has a high level of natural (not synthetically added) essential (vital) amino acids (protein components) such as lysin and methionin. The higher the natural levels of lysine and methionin in the meat, the better the quality of the meat.

The fish used is a dried original product that is free of antioxidants

The milk used is low-fat and is subject to German foodstuffs inspections.

2. Top quality vegetable products

Depending on the type, Marengo dog food contains wholegrain wheat, fine oats, wholegrain corn, rice and linseed as whole grains and all of the very best quality.
We do not use any kind of secondary vegetable products such as husks, gluten meal, waste flour, protein extracts or soya and secondary soya products.
The corn used is free of any unhealthy mykose (fungus) and other diseases.
It is interesting here to note that standard feeds often use inferior gluten meal products, such as wheat, corn or rice gluten meal, which cause an unnaturally high level of the allergy-inducing substance “gluten” and therefore encourage your dog to develop allergies.

Marengo dog food only contains wholesome vegetable flakes suitable for human consumption.

3. Top quality vegetable oil and animal fat
To guarantee an optimum level of animal fat, the dog needs saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids in the Marengo dog food are mainly supplied via top quality animal fats which we guarantee come from slaughtered animals. Also lard is used which, in contrast to e.g. poultry or bone fat, is stable and clean i.e. free from oxidised fatty acids without requiring extra antioxidants.
The unsaturated (essential) fatty acids come from a top quality corn shoot oil that is fit for human consumption. Thanks to its quality, this corn shoot oil has a high percentage of natural vitamin E so that it also remains stable without requiring extra antioxidants and therefore plays a major role in preserving the product naturally.

4. Top quality yeasts and natural herbs
As a natural supplement component, we use beer yeasts that are suitable for the dog and top quality herbs that cover the dog’s natural requirement of phytamines (which it or its predecessors consumed in the past via the intestinal content of the prey they caught). The important point here is that herbs are only used to supplement the diet but they do not have any medicinal effect. For more information about herbs for dogs, please see Point IV of this brochure.

II. Free from synthetic additives

1. Synthetic pheromones and aroma free
The Marengo dog food is guaranteed free of all synthetic additives such as pheromones, aroma and food flavouring agents. The high level of acceptance of the food among dogs is only achieved by the flavour of the ingredients used.

2. Free of conservation agents and antioxidants
Marengo dog food is free of all conservation agents for protecting the feed against bacteria and fungus.The top quality and clean ingredients in the feed and the gentle extrusion manufacturing process make this superfluous.
Also no synthetic antioxidants (substances which prevent the food oxidising or the fats from becoming rancid) e.g. BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin, or so-called “natural antioxidants” such as e.g. synthetic vitamin E, synthetic vitamin C or synthetic ß-carotene are used in the Marengo dog food.
The top quality and stability of the fats used guarantee natural conservation even without antioxidants. The secret of natural conservation (oxidisation protection) lies in the high quality of the certified corn shoot oil which we use and its high natural level of vitamin E. The use of this top quality corn shoot oil provides natural protection for all fats against oxidisation (rancidness) as the oil is stable within itself and has a general stabilising effect.
The Marengo dog food has a shelf life of 12 months from the production date. The ‘best-before’ date is printed either on the upper side (15 kg sack) or on the underneath (5kg sack).

III. Free of synthetic vitamins
No synthetic vitamins and trace elements are added to the Marengo dog food. The top quality and variety of the raw materials as well as the modern manufacturing process guarantee an optimum of vitamins and trace elements for the dog due to the natural levels within the materials used.
At the same time, dangerous hypervitaminosis (vitamin overdoses) and damaging encroachments in the body’s own regulation processes, which are the most common cause for sicknesses (in particular increased proneness to allergies), are avoided.
More information about the differences between natural and synthetic vitamins

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IV. Herbs as feed components and dietary supplements
Not only one-sided and wrong diets but also chemical medicines, chemical care products, stress and the growing burden of synthetic additives in many foodstuffs present a risk to the dog’s health.
All these straining factors attack and damage the individual cells in the body thanks to the larger number of free radicals.
In addition to the dog’s coat and skin, more and more often the heart/blood circulation system, intestines, skeleton, spine and the whole immune system (allergies, cancer etc.) are affected by this so-called “oxidative” stress.
The organism can only avoid cell damage if there are enough nutrients to develop cell protection. This is where the Marengo herbs come in. By supplementing with selected herbs, the nutrients in the herbs, in particular thanks to their antioxidant effect, help to avoid cell damage. For this reason, we do not only supply herbs as a dietary supplement in the shape of Herb-Bits, selected herbs are also contained in Marengo Premium Select and Marengo Junior Select. Furthermore, the nutrients included serve cell regeneration and cell rejuvenation.

What nutrients are contained in the Marengo Herb-bits?
Phytamines are vegetable nutrients, so-called vegetable secondary substances, which are also found in natural herbs.
Similar to vitamins, trace elements and minerals, even the smallest amount of phytamines ensures improved supplies to the cells, immune system, tendons, bones, joints and connective tissue.

Essential amino acids
Essential amino acids are protein components which need to be fed to the body via the diet. Essential amino acids serve to feed the cells and are primarily responsible for the creation of new cells.
An essential amino acid deficiency means that new cells cannot be created properly.

Vitamins, trace elements and minerals
Vitamins, trace elements and minerals also ensure that the cells are fed, they assume important functions within the cell metabolic system and are therefore highly important for the organism.

V. Future-oriented levels of raw protein, raw fat, raw ash and calcium

1. Raw protein
A moderate level of raw protein (adult dogs between 22%-27%/puppies 27%) has been selected for the Marengo all-in-one feed. Based on top quality protein carriers, this ensures an optimum supply of all vital proteins and at the same time relieves the metabolic system from having to process the protein components in the organism.
The impressive results among breeders who feed Marengo also shows that Marengo dog food is rich in essential amino acids such as lysin and methionin whilst the total protein level is moderate.

2. Raw fat
Similar to the raw protein, the top quality toxin-free fat base and the high level of essential fatty acids combined with a moderate overall fat content (between 10%-14%) ensure an optimum supply of fat which does not strain the metabolism process.

3. Raw ash
The low level of raw ash in Marengo dog food (approx. 3.5%) is a result of the top quality of the individual components of the feed and forms the basis for a feed which is kind to the kidneys. Raw ash levels of over 5% quickly put strain on the kidney function and can lead to increased plaque, constipation or even permanent kidney dysfunctions, which in turn materialise in a number of symptoms.

4. Calcium
Instead of giving the feed high levels of calcium in conjunction with synthetic vitamin D (synth. Vitamin D leads to an unnaturally high absorption of calcium in the bowels), the Marengo dog food has a moderate level of calcium (between 0.63%-0.72%) without adding any synthetic vitamin D3. We at Marengo have pursued this policy for years long before the recent turnaround in general opinion about calcium requirements and its connection to the rising number of growing problems and/or bone metabolism imbalances.

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