Background information on herbs

Info-guideline on the topic
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Integrated elementary power of herbs

The ancestors of dogs used to absorb herbs by eating the intestinal contents of their prey or, less frequently, in a direct manner. Nowadays dogs are denied both of these options. Herbs contain a great number of vegetable secondary metabolites, the so-called phytamins. When compared with vitamins, trace elements and minerals, already in the smallest amounts phytamins provide nutrients to the cells and immune system. What is more, they also provide natural antioxidants, which are able to catch the cell-damaging free radicals.

More and more frequently has one noticed that numerous problems with the skin, coat, intestines and immune system (allergies, cancer), which are attributed to nutrition, are because of a lack of these important micro-nutrients.
The integrated Marengo feeding concept relies on the positive effects of a few selected herbs which have the purpose of providing valuable micro-nutrients as a pure dietary supplement. For this reason we use herbs in Marengo dog food (Premium & Junior) and / or recommend the Marengo herb-biscuits as daily feed supplement.